Have you seen a few such creative drill shapes, more than 3 will count as I lose

I have collected a few types of drill bits that are not common in life. Let’s take a look. You’ve all seen a few of the same ones. Many people have not more than three.
Drill bits are tools used to drill through holes or blind holes in solid materials, and to ream existing holes. Commonly used drill bits mainly include twist drills, flat drills, center drills, deep hole drills and nest drills.
During the digging operation, the drill bit rotates with the vertical shaft and moves axially at the same time. The soil is cut under the action of the torque and axial force of the drill bit, and is loosened under the squeeze of the working blades and centrifugal force, forming the soil flow to the pit. Wall, while being lifted along the page to the surface
A drill bit that can alleviate sudden changes in the drilling state during drilling operations for concrete, etc., stabilize the drilling operation, and even when large chips are generated, the drilling efficiency is not reduced.
A drill bit is provided with a plurality of cutting edge portions arranged at the front end of the wholesale rock drill bits, and a shaft-shaped drill body provided on the base end side of the cutting edge portion and having a shank formed on the base end portion
When sharpening the drill bit, the two main cutting edges of the twist drill should be sharpened as symmetrically as possible, so that the radial forces of the two main cutting edges offset each other to prevent the bit from deviating and expanding the hole diameter..
The dust suction effect of the drill press is better. The dust suction air can reduce the temperature of the drill bit, and at the same time take away the dust to reduce friction and generate high temperature
The substrate stack, including the upper and lower pads, should be positioned firmly and leveled in the one-hole-one-slot positioning system on the workbench of the drill press. The use of adhesive tape should prevent the drill from being drilled on the tape to cause the drill to stick to the chips, causing discharge Chipping difficulties and broken drills
Please adjust the appropriate speed when using the drill bit. Make sure that the bottom of the drill rig magnetic base is clean before starting. Turn on the magnetic base switch and then the motor switch. When the motor is running, turn on the coolant switch. When the drill bit touches the steel plate, feed slowly and drill in approximately After 1-2mm, feed at normal speed
Re-grinding the drill in a timely manner can increase the use and regrind times of the drill, extend the life of the drill, and reduce production costs and expenses. It is usually measured with a tool microscope, within the full length of the two main cutting edges
Twist drill is the most widely used hole machining tool.Usually the diameter range is 0.25-80mm, it is mainly composed of working part and handle.The working part has two spiral grooves, which resemble twists, hence the name

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