What is Rock Drill Bits ?


air-leg rock drill is widely used in mining, roadway excavation and various rock drilling operations.It is an important machine tool in metallurgy, coal, railway, transportation, water conservancy, and foundation stone works.This machine is used for wet drilling operations of medium-hard or hard rocks. The muzzle diameter can reach 34-42mm, and the drilling depth can reach 5m.It can be used to drill horizontal and inclined blast holes when matched with FT160A air leg; it can also be installed and operated on a trolley or support.

The working principle of the rock drill: The rock drill works according to the principle of impact and crushing.Do high-frequency reciprocating motion when working, constantly impact the shank.On impactUnder the action of force, the wedge-shaped drill bit crushes the rock and shovels it into a certain depth, forming a dent.After retreating, the drill has turned a certain angle and moved forward, and when it hits the drill tail again, a new dent will be formed..The fan-shaped rock block between the two dents is sheared by the horizontal force generated on the drill bit.Continuously impact the drill tail, and continuously input compressed air or pressure water from the center hole of the drill to remove the slag hole, that is, a circular drill with a certain depth is formed.

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2. Check the original base layer with a 2m long ruler before scraping the ash. If the error exceeds 5mm, the original plastering layer must be knocked off and re-leveled with cement mortar..3. The base layer of gypsum board should be sewn with gypsum pink, and then pasted with kraft paper or elastic self-adhesive tape. The self-tapping screws on the gypsum board must be patched with anti-rust paint..4. The base layer of the laminate must first be painted with novolac.Epoxy resin adjustable saw foam seam.Use white latex to stick the cloth. 5. Double fly powder plus white latex or double fly powder plus 108 glue must be used. 6. White latex and phenolic novolac should be added to the putty ash. The putty should be mixed with a large electric drill..No manual wringing is allowed, 7. The putty should be scraped off with a 2m ruler..The yin and yang angles must be found through the ink line to find the verticality and flatness.8. The putty of the last pass should be completely dried before construction.

For hidden accidents discovered, « three determinations » must be made, that is, the person responsible for handling and the processing time shall be set.Determine treatment measures, and inspect and supervise on schedule.Until the problem is completely solved.(9) Do a good job of safety technical clarification. Before each construction plan is put into practice, the safety officer must make a safety technical clarification in advance..Eliminate command and construction, Chapter VI Environmental Protection, Water and Soil Conservation System and Measures.1. Water and soil conservation measures, (1) Coordinate local relations and educate employees to respect local folk customs and customs.Try to damage the cultivated land as much as possible.Create a good civilized construction environment,  strengthen the awareness of environmental protection.Formulate necessary environmental protection goals, strengthen environmental awareness education for employees, and form a good environment for everyone. (3) Comply with local laws and regulations on environmental protection.Do not use harmful substances to pollute land and rivers.

After the accident, the personnel were found to report in time, and the chief engineer of the project department promptly instructed all the personnel of the project department to take effective measures against the accident according to the nature of the accident, so as to eliminate the accident within the time limit..Minimize the damage caused by the accident, and when the commanding personnel respond to the accident, they must be in an orderly and orderly manner. The person in charge of the project management department of the project department.Provide on-site equipment, construction machinery and other relevant materials, according to the nature of the accident.Provide emergency rescue advice to the command center, provide equipment and materials required for rescue, and quickly transport it to the scene.Chapter 9 Other matters that should be explained, according to the climatic conditions of the project area, combined with the project schedule, when the temperature on the site is lower than 5.Do not arrange for stable base construction to ensure the quality of the project, construction in rainy season.Pay special attention to weather changes.Do not expose cement and mixture to rain.

8. Pay attention to whether the floor tiles need to be parqueted or laid in the direction. The floor tiles must be cut tightly and the gaps must be even; the gap between the side of the floor tiles and the wall should not exceed 5MM. 9. When the floor tiles are laid, they should be cleaned and kept clean at any time. Clean, 10. Check the flatness of the floor tiles with a 1M level, the error shall not exceed 1MM, and the height difference of adjacent tiles shall not exceed 1MM; other types of work shall not be polluted when the floor tiles are laid, and shall not be stepped on artificially. Clean as you go, and do maintenance and finished products. Protection, 11. The hollowing phenomenon of floor tiles should be controlled within 1%. The hollowing drum in the main channel must be reworked. The hollowing surface of a single brick should not exceed 10%..12. Keep the floor tiles clean at any time after laying, and there must be no nails, sand, cement blocks, etc. on the surface to prevent scratching the surface of the floor tiles.Emulsion paint, paint and other easily polluted processes.Operate after laying pearl cotton cardboard on the ground.


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