Copper mining taper button bit 36mm for YT27 YT24 YT28 YT29 pneumatic rock drill

Q1: Are you a manufacturer?

Yes, we own 3 plants to manufacture various drilling products about 17 years . We are a one-stop supplier of full range of rock drilling products.


Q2: Are your products high quality ?

Yes .Our customers made the test reports proved that.If you need more information,please contact with us.


Q3: What kind of payment terms do you offer and what is your best payment terms?

We offer different payment terms, including T/T, D/A, D/P, L/C and O/A, etc. Our best payment terms is 120 days after shipping date for our distributors and sole distributors.


Q4:Do you offer warranty on your products?

Yes, for different products we offer different warranty that cover all manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. The longest period of warranty is 2 years after shipping date.


Q5: Do you offer OEM service?

rock drill bits Yes, we can offer OEM service if you have regular requirement.


Q6: What qualifications do you have?

A2: Till 2016, we have following qualifications:

wholesale drill bits

1)      ISO 9001:2008 management system;

2)      3AA2 credit rating by Dun & Bradstreet;

3)      Honoring Contract and Keeping Promise Enterprise by AIC.

4)      EC examination certificate for self-drilling anchor bars.

5)      2 invention patents & 6 utility patents.


Q7: Where did you export ?

A3: Till 2018 we have exported to 95 countries.

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